This Year’s Must-Have Travel Journal

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Heading off on vacation, a cruise, road trip, service trip or study abroad soon?

Don’t forget your travel journal!

I keep a journal every time I travel. I’ve done so since I was a teenager.

I love keeping track of little notes, lists, and details about my trip, as well as my thoughts, impressions, and feelings about where I’m traveling, and what I’m doing, seeing, hearing, smelling, experiencing, and eating.

It’s all of those little details that spark so many memories when I read through my journals years (even decades) later! Each and every journal is a treasure, a peek into who I was at the time I wrote it. 

Travel journal

Over the years I’ve used lots of different kinds of journals…spiral notebooks, hard cover bound notebooks, soft cover notebooks, pocket journals, oversized journals, postcard journals, handmade journals, blank books, guided journals…and I’ve loved trying them all.

But after years and years of travel journaling, I decided that I wanted:

  • A lightweight journal that I could easily carry around with me all day while I’m out sightseeing
  • A journal that’s visually appealing but not so pretty that I don’t want to write in it
  • Space for packing lists, pre-trip to do lists, etc.
  • Journaling prompts to spark my writing creativity…BUT I only wanted them listed on one page rather than throughout the journal (I like to have the option to use a prompt or not)
  • Blank pages for writing, sketching, and pasting in ticket stubs and other ephemera
  • A re-entry section for when I return home (and am already thinking about and planing my next trip!)

I couldn’t find the travel journal I wanted, so I created it!


  • Prompts to inspire reflection and creativity before, during, and after travel.
  • Plenty of space for you to record the highlights and details of your amazing trip, whether 10 days or 5 weeks.
  • Weekly “travel snapshots” to quickly and creatively capture the most memorable elements of your travels.
  • And more!

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