How to Make a Fun and Easy Postcard Travel Journal

Why I Love Postcard Travel Journals

How to Make a Postcard Journal 

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Here’s what I do. Each day I buy a postcard that represents where I am or what I’m doing that day.



Hole punch and postcards

I use an extra postcard to create a cover. (That purple one below? It’s part of a set I bought when I lived in Germany as a high school student!) I then use washi tape and a Sharpie to write my travel information on the cover. You could also simply use your “Day 1” postcard as your cover. Or get fancy with stickers and other embellishments. 

Hole punch and postcards

I then bind all of the postcards together using a metal ring. Don’t have a metal ring? You can buy them at any office supply store or on Amazon. You could use a ribbon or baker’s twine.

Postcards in O-Ring

Leave your postcard journal on your living room coffee table or hang it on a bulletin board in your office. You’ll find that it invites questions and conversations about your travels without you feeling like you’re forcing the topic on anyone!

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